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You have smoker's mouth but you do not smoke

Why does your mouth look like a smoker's mouth even though you don't smoke? Bleeding gums make your mouth look like you've been smoking even though you are a non-smoker.

Why you should not use alcohol mouthwashes?

A study published on Annals of Oncology 2013: 24 (2):301-306. Light alcohol drinking 1 drink/day or less increases chances of oropharygeal, esophagal and breast cancer. Alcohol is metabolised inside the mouth to form acetate which topically changes DNA of oral mucosa. Breast cancer is also associated with light alcohol drinking because in women alcohol increases estrogen and androgens, and insulin-like growth factor following consumption of alcohol.

Dementia and dental prophys

Gum disease may cause cognitive decline. A study published in J. Am Geriatrics Soc. 2013 says, “Antibodies to gum disease bacteria is linked to stroke, hardening of blood vessels, diabetes, and obesity. It is also associated with cognitive decline. Bacteria under gums after a while increases reactive proteins which among other things is related to later life dementia.”

Main | May 2013 »

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