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An active lifestyle improves life

According to American Journal of Health Promotions 2013 You do not have to go to a gym or exercise in a formal structured gym setting. Just having an active lifestyle improves life. For instance; activity for less than 10 min. like walking to work, or taking the stairs compared to going to the gym for hours with a trainer.

Trash the calcium

Jama intern med 3/7/13 - calcium may lead to a higher risk for cardiovascular disease based on a large study. Calcium supplements are unnecessary for men, must be evaluated critically for women.

Every smile makes you younger

At least the change in your facial muscles makes you healthier.

Smoking link to other cancers

A study in Canada says the warning on packs of cigarettes may convince some people that smoking causes "bladder cancer". People associate smoking with lung cancer but the link to other cancers, like mouth cancers or other diseases needs to be advertised. - Journal of Urology 2013.

Get braces, get cavities

Surface caries or white spot lesions are present in 61% of patients after taking their braces off. And flouride rinses cannot do much to fix it based on a study in Journal of Orthodontics March 2013.
So if you get braces you are going to get cavities.

An oral surgeon is not a general dentist

7000 patients may have been exposed in an Oklahoma Dentist Office. This oral surgeon in the past 36 years never had a complaint against him and therefore never got an inspection. This is an oral surgeon not a general dentist. This has more to do with drugs used for IV sedation, or specialist medical practice like reusing endoscopes or cathethers.

Texting appointment reminders

Texting appointment reminders only "modestly" increased patient attendance to their Drs. appointments. 90% of women said they enjoyed getting texts. But when texting to increase flu vaccinations it was not useful. From journal of OB/GYN 2013. So if you text patient reminder, your patients enjoy getting it but might not follow through.

150 minutes of activity per week reduces risk of dying of cancer

150 minutes of activity per week reduces risk of dying of cancer better than any chemotherapy. According to Cliniconcology 2013. If it works for cancer what does it do for gum disease?

Does your pet help you deal with a stressful medical or dental appointment?

A woman in England wanted her specially trained therapy dog to be present while she was giving birth. British Doctors said no, that it would communicate disease. But they said it needs further research. Should you bring your cat or dog to your dental appointment, if you are anxious? For now teddy bears and blankets might have to do.

Oral microbes differ between smokers and non smokers

From research presented at Dental Research meeting in Seattle 2013 - If you smoke, you select for bacteria that are more disease causing even if you seem to be healthy. Smokers have a lot more pathogenic bacteria than non smokers and you can identify smokers on a bacteria culture.

Why do some patients need a snack before going to the dentist?

1 in 3 adults 20 and over have pre-diabetes. mmwr 3/22/13. Lifestyle interventions are very effective at controlling this. Is this why some patients need a snack before going to the dentist?

#1 city in the US for flossing

Los Angeles is named #1 city in the US for flossing.

Poor dental health and tooth loss

Poor dental health and tooth loss, is associated with second CV risk factor like diabetes, smoking, blood pressure and obesity. American College of Cardiology annual meeting.

Salt may be a missing link

Salt may be a missing link that might explain what is triggering the recent marked increase in the incidence of mutiple sclerosis and other immune diseases. Diets have gone up in salt, so has new cases of multiple schlerosis. Not a direct link yet , but what about the old remedy of rinsing your mouth with salt water.

Broken front teeth

A study published on line 2/22/2013 in the American journal of psychiatry says the risk of developing an addiction to alcohol, tobacco or drugs increases in the period immediately following mild traumatic brain injury. So the next time you see a patient with broken front teeth due to a fall accident, sport injury, or being struck on the head they might be at risk.

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