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    The American Society of Addictive Medicine 2013 says that marijuana use for medical purposes is dangerous, unstable, and unpredictable. With Colorado now collecting sales tax on legal marijuana sales, Illinois is considering certifying patients to use marijuana without anything except one physician exam.

The amount of vitamin D

    The amount of vitamin D should get is still a question. However, Australian dermatologists are now recommending 15-20 minutes of sunshine each day and have reversed their zero-tolerance stance on the sun. If you do not go outside and get some sun, 600-800 units of vitamin D per day is a good supplement. However, 2000 units is too much.

- European Congess Endocrinology 4/28/2013

2012 plastic surgery statistics

    The percentage of women who have gotten a facelift has decrease by 4% since 2000. However, for an upper arm lift, it has increased by 4473%. Lip augmentations have increased by 31%. Surgeon’s fears for each procedure can be found at

Topical medicine

    Topical medicine with mild corticosteroids are effective for treating cold sores.

The House of Representatives

    The House of Representatives is looking at the Health Care Marketing Act of 2013. This bill makes it illegal for any health care professional to make a false or deceptive claim of a degree license or experience.

The Canadian Dental Society

    The Canadian Dental Society has said that piercing your tongue, lip, or cheek will expose the person to getting herpes, hepatitis, or HIV, in addition to bacterial infections that can cause serious inflammation of heart valves or swelling of the tongue which can cause suffocation or choking.

Cigar, pipe smoking linked with higher HNC risk

    According to a study in the American Journal of Epidemiology (June 2013). Cigar and pipe smoking are linked with an increased risk of head and neck cancers (HNC).

Text message can ease orthodontic patients' pain

    According to Angle orthodontist (July 2013), a text message sent from an orthodontic office following initial appliance placement can reduce the severity of the patient's pain and anxiety.
   Seton Hill University Center researchers randomly assigned orthodontic patients to two groups. One group received text messages showing concern and reassurance from the dental office, while the other didn't receive any postprocedure communication.
   The researchers found that mean pain increased and longer in the control group than the text message group.


   Stroke is the second leading cause of death world wide. There are two main types of stroke. The most common is when a blood clot blocks an artery that carries blood to the brain. This is caused by a Cerebral Thrombosis or Corebral Embolism. The second most common stroke is a bleed. This is when a blood vessel breakes in the brain. It is called a Hemorrhagic Stroke.
   The signs of stroke are: numbness, slurred speech, blurred vision, paralysis on one side of the body, weakness, confusion speaking or understanding speech, drooping arm or leg and face. If you notice any of these signs call 911 immediately.
   Risk factors for stroke:
   · high blood pressure
   · diabetes
   · high cholesterol
   · old age
   · tobacco smoking

Smile attractiveness

Smile attractiveness is what most ordinary people care about when judging if treatment was successful.

Aspirin can battle head and neck cancer

Regular aspirin use reduces the risk of head and neck cancer by 22%. Aspirin can battle head and neck cancer, but ibuprofen will not do anything.

- British Journal of Cancer 3/19/2013

Arthritis Care Research

If you have rheumatoid arthritis and have a history of a fall, you are three times more likely to fall again. Tell your doctor about your fall and strengthen your lower limb muscles to improve your balance, especially if you are getting out of a chair.

- Arthritis Care Research 2013

The Most Common Dental Emergency

Syncope is the most common dental emergency and it is inherited. So if your mom or dad had an incident, you might also have it. It affects 25% of the population.

- Neurology 2013

Summer Bug Safety

· Stay indoors at peak biting times (early morning and dusk).
· Avoid using perfumes, scented soaps, or lotions on your child.
· Avoid places where insects gather (standing water, flower gardens and uncovered foods).

- Published online 6/28/2013

How to brush your teeth

Lyme disease

Take a minute to look in your hair or your patient’s hair. Lyme disease is increasing in the northern states of America while it’s decreasing in the southern states. Overall, Lyme disease has increased by 80% since 1993.

- Published online 4/16

Cinnamon challenge

Do not sniff or eat a spoonful of cinnamon powder. Cinnamon is made of cellulose so it will not dissolve or degrade if it gets into your lungs. Watch out for you kids and tell them to not do a cinnamon challenge.

- J. Pediatrics 2013 131

New social guidelines for physicians

· Pause before posting.
· Do not friend patients online.
· It makes sense that any post on a patient’s or doctor’s web online can get out of hand.

- 4/11 Annals of Internal Medicine

Sleep and recovery are important

According to BML psychiatry 2012, time spent on the computer leads to sleep disorders and reduced performance in men and is a risk factor for depression in women. Add in the use of cell phones and the problems increase. Doing it at night makes it even worse. Sleep and recovery are important for your physical and dental health.

Tone and tighten your facial muscles

Instead of countless reps and sets of exercise, various 90 second movement 3-4 times a week can tone and tighten your body. Same works for your facial muscles. Put each finger next to your nose and press, then try to raise your lip. It will round out that fold from your nose to your lip.

Basic oral care

Huffenpost Healthy Living says basic oral care means daily brushing and flossing and visits to your dentist 2x/year. Some foods make your mouth healthier. For example; cheese, gum, celery, water, peas, yogurt and sesame oil. So try to avoid sugar, acidic foods, and sticky foods.

An active lifestyle improves life

According to American Journal of Health Promotions 2013 You do not have to go to a gym or exercise in a formal structured gym setting. Just having an active lifestyle improves life. For instance; activity for less than 10 min. like walking to work, or taking the stairs compared to going to the gym for hours with a trainer.

Trash the calcium

Jama intern med 3/7/13 - calcium may lead to a higher risk for cardiovascular disease based on a large study. Calcium supplements are unnecessary for men, must be evaluated critically for women.

Every smile makes you younger

At least the change in your facial muscles makes you healthier.

Smoking link to other cancers

A study in Canada says the warning on packs of cigarettes may convince some people that smoking causes "bladder cancer". People associate smoking with lung cancer but the link to other cancers, like mouth cancers or other diseases needs to be advertised. - Journal of Urology 2013.

Get braces, get cavities

Surface caries or white spot lesions are present in 61% of patients after taking their braces off. And flouride rinses cannot do much to fix it based on a study in Journal of Orthodontics March 2013.
So if you get braces you are going to get cavities.

An oral surgeon is not a general dentist

7000 patients may have been exposed in an Oklahoma Dentist Office. This oral surgeon in the past 36 years never had a complaint against him and therefore never got an inspection. This is an oral surgeon not a general dentist. This has more to do with drugs used for IV sedation, or specialist medical practice like reusing endoscopes or cathethers.

Texting appointment reminders

Texting appointment reminders only "modestly" increased patient attendance to their Drs. appointments. 90% of women said they enjoyed getting texts. But when texting to increase flu vaccinations it was not useful. From journal of OB/GYN 2013. So if you text patient reminder, your patients enjoy getting it but might not follow through.

150 minutes of activity per week reduces risk of dying of cancer

150 minutes of activity per week reduces risk of dying of cancer better than any chemotherapy. According to Cliniconcology 2013. If it works for cancer what does it do for gum disease?

Does your pet help you deal with a stressful medical or dental appointment?

A woman in England wanted her specially trained therapy dog to be present while she was giving birth. British Doctors said no, that it would communicate disease. But they said it needs further research. Should you bring your cat or dog to your dental appointment, if you are anxious? For now teddy bears and blankets might have to do.

Oral microbes differ between smokers and non smokers

From research presented at Dental Research meeting in Seattle 2013 - If you smoke, you select for bacteria that are more disease causing even if you seem to be healthy. Smokers have a lot more pathogenic bacteria than non smokers and you can identify smokers on a bacteria culture.

Why do some patients need a snack before going to the dentist?

1 in 3 adults 20 and over have pre-diabetes. mmwr 3/22/13. Lifestyle interventions are very effective at controlling this. Is this why some patients need a snack before going to the dentist?

#1 city in the US for flossing

Los Angeles is named #1 city in the US for flossing.

Poor dental health and tooth loss

Poor dental health and tooth loss, is associated with second CV risk factor like diabetes, smoking, blood pressure and obesity. American College of Cardiology annual meeting.

Salt may be a missing link

Salt may be a missing link that might explain what is triggering the recent marked increase in the incidence of mutiple sclerosis and other immune diseases. Diets have gone up in salt, so has new cases of multiple schlerosis. Not a direct link yet , but what about the old remedy of rinsing your mouth with salt water.

Broken front teeth

A study published on line 2/22/2013 in the American journal of psychiatry says the risk of developing an addiction to alcohol, tobacco or drugs increases in the period immediately following mild traumatic brain injury. So the next time you see a patient with broken front teeth due to a fall accident, sport injury, or being struck on the head they might be at risk.

You have smoker's mouth but you do not smoke

Why does your mouth look like a smoker's mouth even though you don't smoke? Bleeding gums make your mouth look like you've been smoking even though you are a non-smoker.

Why you should not use alcohol mouthwashes?

A study published on Annals of Oncology 2013: 24 (2):301-306. Light alcohol drinking 1 drink/day or less increases chances of oropharygeal, esophagal and breast cancer. Alcohol is metabolised inside the mouth to form acetate which topically changes DNA of oral mucosa. Breast cancer is also associated with light alcohol drinking because in women alcohol increases estrogen and androgens, and insulin-like growth factor following consumption of alcohol.

Dementia and dental prophys

Gum disease may cause cognitive decline. A study published in J. Am Geriatrics Soc. 2013 says, “Antibodies to gum disease bacteria is linked to stroke, hardening of blood vessels, diabetes, and obesity. It is also associated with cognitive decline. Bacteria under gums after a while increases reactive proteins which among other things is related to later life dementia.”

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